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Virtualisation: Virtualising MY SOHO Infrastructure

I’m in the process of migrating my existing physical infrastructure into a virtual environment. There’s nothing like “eating your own dog food” (there’s got to be a better expression than that) for testing out your beliefs on how technology should be implemented, so it’s only fitting I virtualise the IT infrastructure I rely on. In summary, I run a “production” ... Read More »

Gestalt IT Tech Field Day – Day 0 – continued….2

Here are a few pictures from tonight’s dinner;  some people turned up later than planned and joined in as they arrived.  Congratulations to the restaurant staff who served them so quickly.  Also congratulations to those who won prizes from Stephen’s cryptic competition.  We’re expecting good things from Devang as he won again with video hardware.  Let’s see some videoing!   Read More »

Gestalt IT Tech Field Day – Day 0

The day has finally arrived and I’m sitting in the BA Lounge in Terminal 5.  As with any long distance trip I have that usual mixture of trepidation and excitement, especially when travelling to a place I haven’t visited before. T5 is Heathrow’s new flagship terminal and the dedicated home for British Airways.  Unfortunately, my experience to date travelling to ... Read More »

GestaltIT Field Day: “Do You Know…” Contest

The GestaltIT Tech Field Day is only  few days away now and you can expect by this time next week we’ll have some interesting posts on the seven presenting sponsors.  By way of a warm-up, we’re providing a competition, full details of which can be found here.  So, follow the links to one or more of the specific companies below ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: HP Announces Converged Infrastructure Architecture

Barely a day has gone by since EMC, VMware and Cisco announced their partnership, and now we have a view on HP’s strategy.  Today, HP announce their private cloud offering – Converged Infrastructure Architecture (CIA), putting them squarely head-to-head with the VCE coalition.  So what’s it all about? HP already offer server, storage and networking infrastructure.  The CIA (nice acronym) ... Read More »

The Storage Architect Needs A Redesign!

The time has come to get a “proper” design for my blog site, now that I’m firmly established with WordPress.  Currently I’m using the standard WordPress “Cloud” offering on WordPress.com and will look to enable and pay for custom CSS access. So, I need some help on creating a new look and feel, which will meet the following requirements; Two/Three ... Read More »