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Friday BlogRoll – EMC

Here’s this Friday’s list of bloggers I follow. Today it’s the turn of EMC. Andrew’s Blog – Andrew Cohen (EMC General Counsel) – HomePage – RSS Feed Chuck’s Blog – Chuck Hollis, EMC Marketing – HomePage – RSS Feed Never Talk When You Can Nod – Andrew Chapman, SharePoint GM – HomePage – RSS Feed Confessions of an Ebiz Junkie ... Read More »

Bl** Hyper-V!

Well, I wasted 3 hours of my life last night trying to get Hyper-V working on one of my PC/servers. Admittedly it’s an ancient 2 years old, only has PCI-Express, SATA-II support and up to 4-core Intel processors, but for some reason, my attempts to install Hyper-V would get just so far and fail with a cryptic 0x8007045D error. As ... Read More »

Replacing the Virtualisation Component – II

Thanks to Chuck who pointed out to me SVC’s ability to move virtual WWNs between nodes during replacement. At some stage in the future I may get to play with SVC but I haven’t so far, so this feature eluded me. Question: is SVC the *only* block virtualisation appliance to offer this functionality and is it a seamless operation or ... Read More »

Compellent and SSDs

There’s been a lot of talk this week about Compellent and their support for solid state drives. See the press release here. So now we have two vendors offering SSD devices in their arrays, Compellent join the club with EMC. Which is best? At a meeting I had last week, we discussed SSD drives and EMC’s implementation in particular. The ... Read More »

Replacing the Virtualisation Component

There’s no doubting that storage virtualisation will prove to be a key component of IT architecture in the future. The overall benefit is to abstract the physical storage layer from servers either in the fabric, or through the use of a dedicated appliance or even in the array itself. Over time, storage resources can be upgraded and replaced, potentially without ... Read More »

Could Netapp make a virtual NAS appliance?

As well as storage, one area of IT I find really interesting is virtualisation. Over the years I’ve used VM (e.g. the IBM mainframe platform), MVS (now morphed into z/OS) as well as products such as Iceberg. More recently I’ve been using VMware since it was first released and finally have managed to deploy a permanent VMware ESX installation in ... Read More »