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Enterprise Computing: 9×7=63 – The Feeling of Power

I’m on holiday this week, relaxing in the south of Spain with some lovely warm temperatures, which has been a boon compared to the summer we had in the UK this year.  Part of my holiday reading has been Isaac Asimov and I’m ploughing through his short stories, currently one called “The Feeling of Power”. The story discusses the re-discovery ... Read More »

Storage Monkeys Poll – Thanks!

Thanks to everyone who voted for me on the Storage Monkeys poll.  I managed 2nd place which is a fantastic improvement from my 10th of last year. It appears that there’s a new poll to vote on – over at StorageRap, Marc Farley is looking for votes in StorageBlog Idle.  So, go post your comments today! Read More »

Social Networking: Don’t We All Deserve Validated Twitter Accounts?

Newsnight in the UK had an article on Twitter this evening.  They interviewed Evan Williams, CEO of Twitter.  There was the usual inane comments you’d expect for an interview where the comment has to be generalised towards the audience however one part of the interview struck me as an interesting conundrum and that is; how famous do you have to ... Read More »

Vote For Me With The Storage Monkeys!

The Storage Monkeys are doing their non-vendor poll over the next couple of weeks and voting is underway.  I’m unashamedly after votes to improve my 10th position from last year’s poll.  Vote for me at Storage Monkeys Vote or follow the helpful link box on the right of the page.  Thanks in advance! One small point of note, registration is required ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: It’s All About The Process!

I’ve been doing some work at a large financial organisation over the last couple of weeks.  As always, the result of my analysis is that the technology isn’t the main problem.  Let’s face it, most enterprise storage technology is pretty similar; arrays all have similar features – RAID, Fibre Channel support, massive scalability and so on.  Switches are no different; ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: A Myopic View of Unified Storage

I’ve only just stumbled on Kostadis’ video on Unified Storage.  In case you’re not familiar with the concept, here’s his definition: A piece of hardware that has CPU, Memory and disk That supports FC, iSCSI, CIFS and NFS That has a common management console for all storage functions that are not protocol specific Has a single replication mechanism that is ... Read More »