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Enterprise Computing: The New USP – A Dreary Storage Cluster?

Well, I truly hope not.  Let me just explain what I’m talking about and things may become a bit clearer. HDS have started their viral marketing for an announcement being made on 27th May.  Claus Mikkelsen’s latest blog entry asks us to guess what the announcement will be, based on an acronym of REGRADES OUR CLASSY TREAT. So, I think ... Read More »


So the rumours (here and here) are true. Here’s the announcement to prove it. HDS are going to support 750GB SATA II drives in the USP. This is an interesting position HDS are taking as thin provisioning will be able to take use of the enhanced drive capacity making the USP-V even more efficient than the DMX-4 with SATA drives. ... Read More »


According to Wikipedia, lightning can travel at a speed of 100,000 MPH, however I think storage vendors are even faster than lightning when it comes to highlighting or dissing the competition. Mere microseconds after reading Claus Mikkelsen’s blog on the USP-V SPC figures, there are posts from BarryW and BarryB, doing the highlighting and dissing respectively (I almost wrote respectfully ... Read More »

DMX-4 Green or not?

After the recent EMC announcements on DMX-4, I promised I would look at the question of whether the new DMX-4 is really as green as it claims to be. I did some research and the results are quite interesting. Firstly we need to set the boundaries. One of the hardest part of comparing hardware from different manufacturers is that they ... Read More »

New Product Announcement,,,

There’s another new product out this week from HP – the XP24000… It seems to have some similarities to another product launch, 224 ports, thin provisioning, partitioning… 🙂 _uacct = “UA-1104321-2”; urchinTracker(); Read More »

USP-V…and another thing

I hate it when I write a post then think of other things afterwards. One more USP-V thought (I’m sure there will be more). One of the drawbacks of the current hardware with virtualisation is the effort to remove/upgrade the USP. Was there anything in the announcements on Monday to cater for this? I was hoping HDS would announce USP ... Read More »