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Replacing the Virtualisation Component

There’s no doubting that storage virtualisation will prove to be a key component of IT architecture in the future. The overall benefit is to abstract the physical storage layer from servers either in the fabric, or through the use of a dedicated appliance or even in the array itself. Over time, storage resources can be upgraded and replaced, potentially without ... Read More »

CU Free

Does anyone use CU Free? Here’s the reason for my question. I’ve just implemented a migration from a pair of 9980V and 9970Vs to a single USP in one site and a 9970V and 9980V remaining in the other site. All of the MCU->RCU relationships (4 of them) are being used between the USP and the 99XXV boxes. If I ... Read More »

Virtualisation Update

Thanks to everyone who commented on the previous post relating to using virtualisation for DR. I’m looking forward to Barry’s more contemporaneous explanation of the way SVC works. I guess I should have said I understand Invista is stateless – but I didn’t – so thank’s to ‘zilla for pointing it out. So here’s another issue. If SVC and USP ... Read More »

Using Virtualisation for DR

It’s good to see virtualisation and the various products being discussed again at length. Here’s an idea I had some time ago for implementing remote replication by using virtualisation. I’d be interested to know whether it is possible (so far no-one from HDS can answer the question on whether USP/UVM can do this, but read on). The virtualisation products make ... Read More »

DMX-4 Green or not?

After the recent EMC announcements on DMX-4, I promised I would look at the question of whether the new DMX-4 is really as green as it claims to be. I did some research and the results are quite interesting. Firstly we need to set the boundaries. One of the hardest part of comparing hardware from different manufacturers is that they ... Read More »

HiCommand CLIEX

I’ve been using the HiCommand CLIEX (the extended CLI) today. It differs from the normal CLI in that it talks directly to the array via a command device and bypasses both Storage Navigator and Device Manager. HDS have needed this way of communicating with an array for a long time. On the one hand, CLIEX is a good thing; the ... Read More »