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HUS VM – Hitachi’s New Midrange Baby

The acquisition of BlueArc by Hitachi/HDS just over 12 months ago enabled the company to start producing more integrated unified products, which have been branded under the name HUS (Hitachi Unified Storage).  The latest announcement, made on 25th September 2012 (and discussed at the HDS Bloggers’ Day) is a new platform taking the HUS NAS component (i.e. BlueArc) and using ... Read More »

Server Virtualization and Storage Management: Better Integration, Specialized Tools

In the past decade or so, storage management has developed into a discipline in its own right, driven by big increases in the amount of data being stored, as well as the rise of storage networking protocols that facilitate shared storage. Virtualization, meanwhile, has become the foremost technology for server and PC optimization.  In this environment, shared storage provides functionality that would ... Read More »

Using The Dynamic Memory Feature on Microsoft Hyper-V

Microsoft recently released service pack 1 (SP1) of Windows Server 2008 R2, which includes the Dynamic Memory option.  This new feature is meant to aid memory management across a Hyper-V host with multiple guests.  Previously the memory assigned to a guest was static and couldn’t be changed without a power off and reboot of that guest. I’ve upgraded The Storage ... Read More »

Will Poor SRM Products Kill The Storage Array?

A random comment made on twitter a few days ago has been stuck in my mind and been going around and around.  It’s finally emerged.  Even as we start into 2011 we don’t really have scalable Storage Resource Management products for the Enterprise. Sure, we have point products that can managed small numbers of arrays.  All vendors produce those.  They ... Read More »

Virtualization and Storage: Overview, Vendor Solutions

There’s no denying that virtualization platforms such as VMware and Hyper-V have revolutionized the way in which computing resources are deployed. Physical servers were usually under-utilized and took time and effort to deploy. These servers also consumed data center space, power and cooling. Virtualization reduced hardware costs, reduced the environmental requirements by saving on power and cooling and improved the ... Read More »

Symantec Disaster Recovery Study 2010

I was recently briefed on the latest Symantec Disaster Recovery Study (2010), the details of which can be found here.  Some 1700 companies (of 5000 employees or more) were interviewed about various aspects of their backup environments.  As usual with these kind of surveys, there were some interesting results (I guess there have to be interesting results otherwise the surveys ... Read More »