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Storage Networking World Europe – III

Here’s another video from this week’s SNWE in Frankfurt.  This time I’m talking to Barry Whyte about the IBM Storewize v7000; a modular array with SVC tendencies.  It’s good to see another vendor acknowledging that the ability to manage external storage is justified and can offer very real benefits in cost reduction, mobility and performance.  Enough of my ranting, here’s ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: Why Federation Is What We Need

You may have assumed from my previous post on VPLEX that I am negative towards the concept of storage federation.  That couldn’t be further from the truth.  In fact, ever since I was involved in deploying ESX onto enterprise storage infrastructure (some 4 years ago), I’ve been waiting for the day true federation would arrive.  Here’s why. Static Configurations Think ... Read More »

Cloud Computing: Cloud /= Virtualisation

I finally managed to attend a London CloudCamp last Thursday, which conveniently co-incided with a #storagebeers evening.  For two hours of listening to the collective wisdom of the presenters and the “unpanel” we were offered free beer and food.  Now free beer is good, however I’m not sure it’s good enough to make me want to listen to yet another ... Read More »

Virtualisation: Virtualising MY SOHO Infrastructure

I’m in the process of migrating my existing physical infrastructure into a virtual environment. There’s nothing like “eating your own dog food” (there’s got to be a better expression than that) for testing out your beliefs on how technology should be implemented, so it’s only fitting I virtualise the IT infrastructure I rely on. In summary, I run a “production” ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: What Next For Virtualisation?

Earlier this month, Texas Memory Systems announced they had acquired the intellectual assets of Incipient, a company that produced SAN virtualisation hardware and software.  With Incipient gone, EMC hardly bothering to mention Invista, what is the future of SAN LUN virtualisation?  I talked about Incipient last year, here and here when discussing the costs of performing migrations.  As I said at the time, ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: HDS Switches On Virtualisation For Free

There’s no doubting HDS‘ Universal Volume Manager (UVM), aka external storage virtualisation is a cool product.  I’ve used it many times – it does the job.  However, the main drawback to using the product for me was always cost (I mentioned this only a few weeks ago on this post).  Well, now that’s changed; until the end of this year, ... Read More »