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Could Netapp make a virtual NAS appliance?

As well as storage, one area of IT I find really interesting is virtualisation. Over the years I’ve used VM (e.g. the IBM mainframe platform), MVS (now morphed into z/OS) as well as products such as Iceberg. More recently I’ve been using VMware since it was first released and finally have managed to deploy a permanent VMware ESX installation in ... Read More »

New Celerra Simulator

Thanks to all those who drew my attention to the new version of the Celerra Simulator. EMC have done the right thing and made this version freely downloadable to anyone with a Powerlink account. This is a good thing as it gives everyone a chance to have a go. Just go into Powerlink and search on Celerra Simulator; the new ... Read More »

Storage VMotion

I read the following interesting news release from VMware today. It covers lots of new features for the future release (3.5) of VMware but the one that caught my eye discusses a new feature called VMware Storage VMotion. This feature will apparently allow the migration of a VMware virtual disk between different storage systems in the same manner that VMotion ... Read More »

SAN Virtual Appliances

LeftHand, FalconStor, Arkeia and Datacore all now offer VMware appliance versions of their products. I’m in the process of downloading them now and I’m hoping to install over the next few days and do some testing. I’ve previously mentioned some VM NAS products which I’ve installed but not reported back on. I’ll try to summarise all my findings together. It ... Read More »

Responding to Comments

I’m not quite sure what the right way is to respond to posts; If I comment after them, then there’s a chance that the responses might be missed. Anyway I will attempt to go back and check all those comments I’ve not responded to. First, here’s a response to Cedric’s question, on VMware; What I was referring to was the ... Read More »

Storage protocols for VMware

I’ve been doing more VMware work recently. The deployment I’m working on is using SAN presented disk. The storage started as 50GB LUNs, quickly grew to 100GB and now we’re deploying on 200GB LUNs, using VMFS and placing multiple VM guests on each meta volume. Now, this presents a number of problems. Firstly, it was clear the LUN sizes weren’t ... Read More »