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Enterprise Computing: VPLEX – Write Back or Write Through?

A little discussion on Twitter between myself, @BasRaayman, @UltraSub and @esignoretti got me thinking about the evolution of VPLEX and the whole caching thing.  It’s something I mentioned on one of my previous VPLEX posts and it could have significant impact on designing and implementing VPLEX solutions.  Here’s the conundrum. First of all, be aware that VPLEX is a write-through ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: Why Federation Is What We Need

You may have assumed from my previous post on VPLEX that I am negative towards the concept of storage federation.  That couldn’t be further from the truth.  In fact, ever since I was involved in deploying ESX onto enterprise storage infrastructure (some 4 years ago), I’ve been waiting for the day true federation would arrive.  Here’s why. Static Configurations Think ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: VPLEX – A Dreary Storage Cluster?

Those of you with relatively good memories will remember last year’s announcement from Hitachi/HDS, which at the time promised more than it delivered.  In fact, the anagram posed by Claus Mikkelsen on his blog and used as part of the press release was “REGRADES OUR CLASSY TREATS” and should have translated to “STORAGE ARRAYS CLUSTERED”  my tongue-in-cheek alternative was “A ... Read More »