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Enterprise Computing: The Benefits of Wide Striping – Avoiding A Long Tail

. The chart shows that in some array designs (typically the older Enterprise arrays), I/O distribution was not evenly balanced and so not all drives were being used to their full capacity.  This was mitigated by using tools to move LUNs or sub-LUNs around; alternatively concatenated devices like metas and LUSEs were employed to spread the load. The only real solution ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: Run My Storage At 60%? No Way!

Hu Yoshida has an interesting view on his recent post discussing storage utilisation rates.  His concluding remark suggests running at a maximum of 60% utilisation – even with Dynamic Provisioning.  Hu, you must be joking, right? Point 1: I’ve paid for my 100% of storage and I’m going to use it.  I don’t remember any vendor suggesting only paying 60% ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: The Wide Striping Debate

I’ve read with interest this week the posts on wide striping and the consequent expansion to thin provisioning.  Here are some of the highlights: First there’s Martin Glasborow’s post, which discusses whether wide striping and thin provisioning should be chargeable items.  I’d go a step further than Martin and suggest that thin provisioning (TP) should also be free; after all, ... Read More »