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IBM’s Storage Announcements

Today IBM made a slew of new product announcements. None of it was a surprise due to lots of pre-announcement leaks and the fact the IBM session in Montpelier was to a certain degree the formal announcement of products already mentioned in standard press releases. I can only describe the new product releases as slow and steady with nothing radical ... Read More »

Does XIV spell the end for the IBM/Netapp relationship?

There’s been a lot of talk recently about the position in the market for Nextra, IBMs disk storage product, acquired with the purchase of XIV at the beginning of the year. I’ve been mulling it over and I have to say it creates a dichotomy for me. On the one hand I see some of the technology benefits like the ... Read More »

2.5″ is cool

Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (the old IBM Disk Division) have announced a 500GB 2.5″ drive for laptops. Not particularly interesting I hear you say, however these latest drives from HGST now come in Standard and “Enhanced Availability” versions. The enhanced version claims to be able to run a 24/7 workload rather than standard day to day access required in a ... Read More »

XiV Part II

Following on from BarryW’s comment to my XiV post, I’ve been thinking over how the XiVarchitecture works. When a disk fails and the missing mirrors need to be recreated, then the data is likely to exist across all or most of the configured drives. Logically it would make sense that the target for the new lost mirrors would be all ... Read More »

Two for the price of one

The holidays are over and it’s back to work for me. In fact I returned yesterday; the break was good however it is also good to be back. It seems that I’ve returned to a flurry of acquisitions. Yesterday there was the heavily reported (on the blogosphere) purchase of XiV by IBM. Tony Pearson gives a summary of the features ... Read More »